Why Seek Therapy?

Imagine someone telling you that you never had to worry about your body and nutritional health until you got sick.

Sounds good and i think we will all be relieved to know that there are no consequences to our eating and exercising habits or lack thereof.

But when you get sick and the doctors start telling you how the sickness causing you discomfort could have been prevented. It makes you think of the reasons why you didn't do anything about it.

Of course now you are filled with thoughts of regret for taking your health for granted especially if you are fighting for your life. We do this frequently and we don't even notice the effects are we are left with especially to those we love.

It never crosses our minds that the cost of curing something that could have been prevented is usually very high. But why?

This leads me to talk about mental and emotional health, these are invisible areas of life, but are expressed when we are in relationships or when we are faced with tragic events of life.

It used to be that we couldn't identify what it meant, to be mentally and emotionally broken or sick until it got really bad. For example, you lose a loved one to death and all of a sudden, you don't have the motive to live life , waking up becomes a struggle, your appetite for food disappears and its 8 months after the funeral and in your mind it just happened yesterday. You were a strong person but somehow you can't shake off the sadness.

You have these negative thoughts and you can't figure out how to stop them from coming at such fast pace. and you ask yourself maybe i need to talk to someone and then you remember that , thats for the lazy and weak people that really have major problems.

Without thinking, your mindset has built you a prison that only you have the key to get out. But the most difficult thing about this situation is that you are oblivious to the fact that you are in a mind prison.

If we are to take an honest look at ourselves, we should ask the question , how are we preparing ourselves emotionally and mentally, even spiritually for the unplanned events that we may face in the future or how have we dealt with the issues and bad experiences we have already lived through?

For the simple fact that we are human beings, we will experience pain, hurt, among the many life's hurts .

But if we are never prepared for them, we will find ourselves striving, disillusioned, blind sided and driven by invisible forces within us that we don't seem to control.

How do we navigate around these areas of our hearts that sometimes we may not even know let alone understand the magnitude of the pain, hurt, brokenness we have until someone else points them to us or walks us through those things .

when you get a heart attack you don't try to figure it out by coming up with solutions. You know that if you don't get to the nearest hospital or doctor, you may actually die. So you don't suffer alone in silence but you go to the cardiologist and they help you to treat your heart.

When it comes to the physical heart, we don't question the doctors experience in emergency situations as we choose to receive treatment . Yet even though sometimes depending on your insurance coverage, you may not have a choice of which doctor you may have to see.

When the heart condition is in such a bad place that you are lucky to have a doctor available, you are grateful that someone was able to help you get the help you needed to be alive.

Now the question is , how do we know if we have let alone treat our emotional and mental pain?

In many populations, people are very apprehensive about seeking help because there is a stigma around that help. You can easily be labelled as mentally sick every time you do any thing out of the ordinary. Some prefer not to associate themselves with that.

Some have said that how can someone fix my problems, or why would i share my problems with someone else?

Some do actually know how to communicate with God and feel that they are just ok if they can just talk with God.Yet we are all human and are all flawed, so what makes others feel that they can help others in dealing with their mental and emotional struggles?

There is a scripture in Proverbs 1:17 that says "surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird" (KJV) In other words if you are trying to catch a bird, if that bird watches you setting up that net , it will not come near that net.

But prior to that verse the urge of the chapter is to seek wisdom, instruction and understanding. So that you can prepare yourself for the events life will throw at you. Meaning that you are watchful of the snares and traps before you so that you won't be caught off guard.

Maintaining your emotional and spiritual health is a daily regiment that you never want to take for granted because the consequences are real. Maybe you should take a moment and evaluate your health.

The truth is some people pay attention and prepare for life while some just don't do anything about it. Responsibility is what makes the difference.

Till next time ............

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